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Monday’s Wonder


Snow day #2. Nina and her BFF juiced every clementine and lemon in the house, then wanted to haul the lemonade stand out of its hibernation in the garage. I protested, pointing to the snow and explaining that lemonade stands are for summer. “C’mon,” Nina finally pleaded, “Give us a chance. How do you know it won’t work if you’ve never tried it?”

True, I nodded. Plus, my brother and I manned our lemonade stands on a dead-end street and our mother never pointed out the doomed marketability of our business venture. So, we set up the stand. The girls served six customers — including our neighbors across the street and Nina’s Grampy who was requested to come. Although very few drivers passed by, most stopped. One young man hopped through the snow with a foot cast to buy two cups. No one, oddly enough, had just the requisite 25¢. They all happened to be carrying only $1 bills, except for the mystery customer who tucked a $10 behind a folded $1. Within an hour, the girls sold out and earned $15 to split for their spring-break spending funds. I earned a slightly more open mind.


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