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Rules To Be A Superhero

I was cleaning out my desk yesterday and found a piece of paper dated 3.19.13 — “Nina’s rules to be a superhero.”

IMG_05161. Never use revenge and stuff — unless it’s for peacocks on a ship, or pirates.

2. Never use your fighting powers for killing flies.

3. Never use your powers on turtles, unless they’re as big as the house.

4. You have to have good balance and be able to walk on the curb, and you have to run fast.

5. You have to be able to kick and save people— even without a cape.


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3 thoughts on “Rules To Be A Superhero

  1. Lisa Cottrell on said:

    She is so adorable!

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  2. Amy, I am in agreement with all of these rules, especially number two….

  3. Beth Chang on said:

    love it! especially the bit about peacocks on ships.

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