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Summer, A Platform

It’s been three months since my last post. In the past I’ve had seasons when my writing crop goes fallow, so to speak, and I’ve always returned to the business of farming words with heavy regret over how much time I’ve wasted. This time I’m trying to recite a different story — one of acceptance, possibly even celebration. Possibly.

For the past three months I squeezed the juice out of summer with my daughter. We swam, biked, baked, argued, snuggled, and wrestled with boredom. We travelled to make-believe places and real ones. We visited friends who are like family in Maine and dared one another to leap off the “jumping rock” into the lake. We reminded one another to say no when our instincts said not this high. We studied cobwebs and snails and moss, and I grew tired of cleaning muddy footprints tracked in the hallway. We butted heads, wiped tears from our eyes, and mopped sweat from our foreheads. It was mundane and wondrous and everything in between. At the end of the summer, we laid in the grass and said Phew, that was fun. I love you so, so much.

As a writer, I’m supposed to be “building my platform” — slinging my work into the world in hopes that fellow readers will chose to follow me so that someday a book publisher will have proof that I have something other people would be willing to hear. But to be honest, I wrestle with that. When I post something, anything, my hope is more that my little bit of the journey will resonate with someone else — that maybe one other soul out there will feel Yeah! Me too. Keeping track of the statistics about how many “followers” I have and which posts generate the most hits leaves me feeling hollow.

So this time, for the first time, I declare that I will not trade this summer of joy for the stench of shame over what I didn’t accomplish. I’ll focus on the platform that I did build . . . the one for my daughter, the one that’s brimming with memories of a childhood summer well-savored.


— Amy Rawe


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5 thoughts on “Summer, A Platform

  1. This is beautiful.

    Extremely well written and poignant.

    I think you can have both a beautiful platform for Nina and for you.

    That is my love-filled hope for you.

    Namaste. Kar

  2. It looks like Nina has grown a lot since I saw her. You must be watering her well! Sounds like you two had a great summer.
    It also sounds like you “accomplished” a lot just hanging out with Nina. I, too, am always struggling with the guilt that comes from doing “nothing”. I think our society is way too focused on results and getting things done.

    Kisses and hugs to you and Nina!


  3. Lisa Cottrell on said:

    Dear Amy,

    You are blessed. And talented.


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    Helping you heal and be well.

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  4. Sue Beckley on said:

    What beautiful writing about a heartfelt summer……….

    Sent from my iPad


  5. mundane and wonderous, and everything in between….that’s beautiful and so true. Loved reading this

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