The wonder-filled life of a single older-ish mom.

A Prayer

mother boko haram girls

Today my heart is with the mothers of the girls abducted in Nigeria.

I cannot imagine how you
must fall to your knees,
claw trenches of anguish
in the dirt with fingers
that long to braid her
hair one more time.

You brave entering
the dark forest of thorns
too dangerous for soldiers,
clinging to the thinest hope
that you’ll find her wandering,
bloodied but free,
and you’ll hear her gasp,

I cannot imagine how you strain
against the nightmares that ravage
your mind about what tortures your baby is
enduring — if she is still here,
on this merciless earth.

You gather with the other mothers,
journey to the capital to protest
and are told that the Senate
is considering a motion,
that you should calm down,
that everything would be done
to secure the release of the girls
in due course. 

“Due course” is a
cruel and foreign tongue
to a mother’s heart.
“Secure” and “calm” have
already been exposed
as shams.

So you keep pounding your fists
to the tempo of your heartbeat
because it is the only
constant you have.
And you pray.

Mothers around the world
sync our heartbeats
our prayers
with yours until the
drumbeat is deafening,
calling your girls home.

— Amy Rawe


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8 thoughts on “A Prayer

  1. Sue Beckley on said:

    Amy, This is amazing!

    See you soon. Love, Suze

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Janice Rawe on said:


    How powerful, I cried!!


    Sent from my iPad


  3. Tears….this is wonderful, Amy. Thinking of all mothers who are without their children today, and all children (of any age) who have lost their children.

  4. Lori on said:

    Powerful Amy! You put into words the deep and powerful love a mother has for her daughter.

  5. Bella–so beautiful, thoughtful, caring. So you.

  6. Jamie G. on said:

    Thank you for this Amy. Your words are our hearts as well.

  7. Beth Chang on said:

    Love it.

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