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The Power of a Potion

IMG_6430Last night Nina convinced me to put dinner on hold so she could show me how to make a magic potion that would strengthen any and all animals that wandered through our yard. I knew she’d been concocting potions with her friends as part of their summertime animal rescue efforts, but this was the first time she had invited me to apprentice. I turned off the stove.

“Let me get my phone,” I said as she headed out the front door with a metal bowl, “in case I want to take a photo.”

“You don’t need your phone,” she said. “You already have a camera built into your mind. That’s the only one you need for this.”

Right. When did I forget that magic cannot be documented?

We placed the bowl on the trampoline—where all potions are created—and as she brought me ingredients I stirred them gently with a stick. Water from the rain barrel. Twelve tiny round seeds from the dogwood tree, which needed to be peeled to the fleshy white center. The innermost yellow nectar of the mandevilla flower. The smallest scales of a pine cone. All summer she’d been discovering a level of beauty that I’d never seen in my own yard.

After she declared the potion was complete, I was required to sit criss-cross while holding the bowl at arm’s length as she jumped in a circle around me. If the potion didn’t spill, it was strong enough. Although she jumped with all her might, I managed to pass the spill test. I followed her off the trampoline and around the yard as she carefully distributed bits of the potion, naming the various types of animals we’ve seen out back—deer, hedgehogs, turtles, rabbits, squirrels.

Tonight I’ll tell her that I did recreate one photo from the potion process this morning—the inside of a torn mandevilla—because it was just too beautiful to trust to my memory. And I’ll tell her that although she didn’t know it, she conjured her potion on the eve of Equinox, when all creatures begin preparations for winter. One child’s faith in magic will surely bring them strength.

— Amy Rawe


Monday’s Wonder

dying flower dressI have been studying how flowers die, such as this clematis. Each flower surrenders through its own slow-motion dance with grace, and often the final bow is as breathtaking as the opening blossom.


Monday’s Wonder

purple tulip 2

It wasn’t until after I took this photo of the inside of a tulip that I saw the white angel pattern. I’ve decided to begin looking for more marks of grace in unexpected places.

— Amy Rawe


wingI found this in the yard yesterday, just one torn wing. It reminds me that nothing is guaranteed, and that all the time I spend fussing over the future may be better spent being resilient in the fragility of this one single moment.


Monday’s Wonder

Monday's Wonder

I’ve been falling in love with the beauty of imperfection lately, such as the remnants of a frozen web.

Monday’s Wonder

Photography is my hobby. Every now and then I am lucky enough to capture a moment of beauty, whimsy, or grace. Mondays usually need an extra bit of wonder, so I’ll post one of my photos here each Monday . . . and maybe any other day of the week I need a dose.

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